Creating a better world through holistic education

Through holistic education, people feel safe and loved for who they are, they treasure joy, and grow equipped and committed to create a better world.

JOY is the soul of our educational movement that focuses on bringing high quality holistic experiences to children, educators, and families.

Our purpose is much more than learning academics, the heart of our mission is on empowering people to realize their identity, purpose and ability to create a better world.

That’s why we are dedicated to identifying the gaps in education, challenging the status quo, and proposing creative solutions to today’s pressing issues. Our commitment is to create a non-stagnant model that evolves with our ever changing society. 

Holistic education is the art of nurturing all the dimensions of a human being:



Social & Moral

Critical and strategic thinking

Artistic and Creative


Bilingual School

Support & Consulting Services

Our Story


define who we are


The purest definition of happiness. It is not something that you find in the external world, but an inner feeling that emerges from deep in the heart. We treasure the joy in every aspect of our life.


The power to create something new through skill and imagination. We ignore the pressures of society and embrace a creative mindset to tackle the challenges in life.


The ability to use knowledge, experience, and intuition. We use wisdom as our inner compass to think, feel and act.


The awareness to recognize and appreciate the individuality of all things. We honor the light, love and beauty in ourselves, others and the world around us.

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