We believe in the power of partnerships

What makes us a great partner?

JOY’s priority is to create the dream team in Early Childhood Education. We are a diverse team of experienced educators that understand early childhood theory but most importantly practice. Our consultants have expertise in implementing different approaches such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia and High Scope and can help you with any curriculum you are utilizing.

Most importantly,  we know that listening is key to understanding the root cause of what is getting in the way of achieving your goals. We know that support looks different for everybody, and we strongly believe that one size does not fit all and customized support is key to see results. 

Our professional development services are effective because we do not focus only on the content but we challenge educators to reflect on their attitudes and dispositions.  This is the only way we can truly see change.


We offer one time services or long term PARTNERSHIPS

All of our services are designed to be used with early childhood programs and elementary schools and can be modified or targeted for different audiences: teachers, families, district and school leaders.

Consulting services

  • Conduct research, surveys and interviews to gain understanding of the school district’s current situation in regards to current practices.
  • Detect areas of growth and make recommendations for improvement and professional development plans.
  • Develop comprehensive strategic plans to meet specific goals in teaching and learning for early childhood. 

    This looks like this: 

    JOY partners with District Leaders and School Principals to solve a problem of practice at Elementary Campuses: Children in second grade are scoring below grade level in reading and writing. JOY will conduct research to identify the root cause and propose solutions. Together we will design a customized strategy! 

    Workshops and Trainings

    • Increase knowledge and skills on early childhood high quality practices
    • Learn about JOY holistic innovations and create plans for implementation
    • Our workshops and training are engaging and hands-on.

      This looks like this: 

      An early childhood program wanted to improve small group instruction and  behavior management techniques. JOY prepared and delivered fun and engaging training to help teachers not only learn theory and practice, but also that challenge their beliefs regarding emotional and social development. 

      Group Support

      • A series of professional development sessions created for learning communities of teachers or school leaders to work on shared objectives.
      • This service encompasses consulting, coaching, modeling and thought partnership to come up with solutions regarding specific challenges
      •  Support is provided for an extended period of time, agreed upon by the client and JOY Holistic Education

        This looks like this: 

        JOY partnered with a group of educators from an Early Childhood Program to support them in their journey to enhance their outdoor learning environment and practices. JOY helped them design cost-effective outdoor spaces and plan for a strategy to help teachers buy into the importance of learning outside. As we met consistently we were able to review and reflect on what worked and what challenges still needed to be overcomed, so we were able to adapt our strategy for continuous improvement.

        Transformation of Learning Environment

        • Classroom Learning Environment: Hands on support to transform classroom learning environments. Our team will partner with teachers to arrange furniture, help select materials and advise on high quality practices to create a powerful and engaging learning environment that serves as the third teacher.
        • Outdoor Learning Environment: Create a strategy to transform outdoor learning environments in a cost-effective way. Conceptual architectural designs of what is possible can be included.
        • Material Selection: Guiding and providing recommendations regarding materials used to enhance student engagement. Learn how to select materials that bring a natural sense of beauty and wonder into the classroom while celebrating the diverse cultures of the students who use that space. We can help you work within any budget!

          This looks like this: 

          JOY partnered with Elementary Schools to transform classroom environments. Joy set up model classrooms using our holistic approach to creating intentional spaces. Then teachers were provided with a workshop to understand the elements and importance of creating a space that acts as a third teacher in the classroom.

          Just a few ideas of what we can do:

          High Quality Practices

          • NAEYC accreditation 
          • Bonding rituals and daily routines in high quality programs
          • Powerful interactions to support and scaffold children’s learning
          • Effective transitions 
          • The power of mixed-age classes 
          • Authentic Art 
          • Conflict Resolution 
          • The learning environment as a third teacher 
          • Social emotional learning 
          • Early Childhood authentic assessment 
          • Early Childhood Leadership:  Creating strong teams and effective school models

          JOY Innovations

          • Mirror Mirror: Self-love and self-empowerment, emotional wellbeing and resiliency through mirror play, positive affirmations and mindfulness  
          • The Earth is our Home: Outdoor play and connection to nature 
          • We are One: Appreciation for Diversity and Anti-Racist Curriculum  
          • I love my City: Hands-on civic education for young children so they fall in love with their community, vote, volunteer and give back.

          Are you looking for consulting and support services?

          JOY is here for you!

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          Through holistic education people feel safe and loved for who they are, they treasure joy and are equipped and committed to create a better world.

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